Website Upgrade: 5 Top Reasons to Assess and Improve your online site

The fact that every individual and business is going digital is no longer a secret. So, unsurprisingly, the competition is getting more challenging than ever. However, many digital experts and analysts who understand the game know that a routine website upgrade is key. As a smart website owner who wants his or her webpage to remain among the highest-ranking website online, then you should upgrade your site for the following vital reasons:

  1. Solid first impressions

The first impression lasts longer, they say. This statement applies to online appearance too. The first visuals and written content that guests see on your website page matter a lot. Okay, you made an incredible design and posted a few relevant content years back on your page. However, an important thing to know that people change, and so does styles too. The trending structures and designs back then might no longer be attractive in recent times. For this reason, you need to update your website to a cleaner and trendier look. Otherwise, people would leave your page at first glance.

2. Improved search engine optimization

While it is true that the concept of SEO remains the same, the elements involved change. In other words, the technical aspects of SEO changes with time. For instance, people use voice searches online now more than ever. Hence, they are asking questions – and not a few key phrases. You might start missing out on more audience than you know by failing to update relevant keywords into relevant questions on your page. Aside from length, specific words might have changed as well. If you don’t assess and re-optimize your web page, a more up-to-date site will win the quest for higher clients and further reach. Even if the SEO elements are still the same, it is highly recommended to update your content. Serving new content to clients will keep your web page updated and encourage readers to come back for more.

3. Changes in business

Arguably, this is the most common reason for updating a website – and rightly so. It’s essential to change your web page and content if you are switching business. However, several people often forget to update their page when making minor changes such as a withdrawn product or improved service. Such little changes may affect your relationship with customers. Hence, it is not only a complete overhaul of the website that must be taken seriously; a routine update or change to the product should be non-negotiable.

4. Mobile-first Indexing

Predominantly, Google prefers to utilize the mobile version of content regarding indexing and ranking. This is understandable, considering most people engage in Google searches through their mobile devices. Thus, the Googlebot focuses on crawling and indexing pages on mobile devices. For this reason, a website owner must have mobile-friendly webpages. By so doing, Google is more likely to index and rank the page than websites that are not mobile-friendly.

5. Update a website server

Here is a less time-taking update but a necessary one. Browsers and search engines prefer secure URLs (HTTPS ://). If your website starts with HTTP://, many browsers will advise potential guests to be mindful of your website. Thus, such users might be discouraged from visiting your webpage. Even if your website ranks as first on Google search, the website on the second position, but secured, might get more traffic and as a result, more sales than you do – not to mention that the website will even rank better because search engine prefers to recommend a safer site to users. Such a change might require moving to a secure server, and you might need to update links that connect your webpage and social media profiles.


Website assessment and upgrading is a gratifying effort. It will help sustain high traffic to your website by increasing your reach. Along the line, an updated website experiences better conversation rates and revenue. The overall value is a well-maintained brand trust and transparency between you and your clients.

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