How Landing Pages Can help you Generate Leads with Social Media Campaigns

From the email address, occupations, last search, business names to employer’s details, millions of people share pieces of information on social media platforms. In digital marketing parlance, these are referred to as leads that can be used to follow up your audience and attract them to your website. Currently, several businesses utilize social media platforms for their campaigns as they are cost-effective and useful for targeted marketing.

Besides, for many years, social media campaigns have always been part of digital marketing as it is useful for promoting content, including cold calling, targeted engagement, etc. Not every business knows that landing pages can come in handy in generating leads with social media campaigns. Read this enlightening article to learn how.

  • Offer freebies

Among the effective methods to collect leads using landing pages is by offering free stuff. A downloadable guide about an event or program can be written and offered freely on your landing page to valuable potential customers. Since it is free, the audience will be more willing to provide basic information to download the free material. Simply create the free content and upload it on your website. Now, you should provide a link on your social media platforms. With a single click, your audience on social media platforms can visit your landing page, view the content, and provide their correct information to download the freebie. The submitted leads can help nurture your email marketing and social media campaigns to target customers. Only a few other digital marketing methods for generating new leads are as successful as this strategy.

  • Create clickable content

Failure to create compelling content for your landing page will only render the page useless. Despite the millions of audiences on social media, every business and individual is competing for attention. With users’ attention span reducing, it is pertinent to offer highly engaging content that hooks customers at first glance. An engaging content that will convert needs to have a clear link and tempting call-to-action (CAT). In this way, engaging customers from your social media campaigns can take immediate action once they reach your landing page.

  • User-friendly pages

As suggested earlier, users are spending lesser times on pages. Thus, a slow or unresponsive landing page will only make your business lose leads from your social media campaigns. And more importantly, when people see your posts next time on social media, they will feel reluctant to click on your links due to the first unexciting experience.

Therefore, having user-friendly landing pages is non-negotiable. Also, the pages should be relevant. If you have promised to offer a particular service or show a product through a link on your social media platform, ensure that you come good with your words. Additionally, a user-friendly landing page will be seamlessly visual, easily scannable, and provide a clear path for further actions. If your landing page offers a form to fill to collect leads, ensure that you keep it simple.

  • Utilize contact information

A contact information form should be as apparent as possible on your landing pages if you want to generate leads. 

Contact information form entails a space for your guests to provide their phone number, address, email address, phone number, among others. If you want your landing page to move potential customers through the sales funnel, include a dedicated salesperson. While this may appear passive, it works for those who want customers to reach them directly. When you contact your representatives through the links or call, you would have known that they want to ask about a product, service, or company. Such leads usually land in sales as they are the ones showing interest. Additionally, Google can easily recognize the provided contact information. Hence, if a potential customer couldn’t remember your website address and decide to search with a name or number, Google will provide them with the correct link.

  • Add links for hangouts, webinars, or live videos

Some customers tend to develop confidence and trust in a company when they can speak with a representative live. In this case, you can add the link to the live videos or hangouts on your landing page. However, simply prompt the audience coming from your social media campaigns to provide their information (leads) to access the links on your landing page. Many businesses conduct webinars on a particular topic to generate leads by providing zoom links on their websites – while the audience is promoted to undergo an advanced registration. This is another means to use your landing pages to generate leads through a social media campaign.


If you want to improve the performance of your social media campaign, it’s about time to leverage your landing page. Depending on your business or products, you can utilize any of the methods discussed herein. Keep winning!

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