Why chatbots are Amazing SEO Add-on?

The AI-powered software, chatbots, has become a valuable piece since it gained further popularity among business owners in 2018. Many businesses are using intuitive software to simulate real-life engagement with customers to provide instant support. By collecting customer data, businesses are learning the behavior pattern, preferences, expectations, and language. Thus, it becomes possible to humanize the chatbots to hold a beneficial interaction with a human being. 

In several ways, this development has contributed to the search engine optimization of various business groups. By so doing, tech-oriented businesses are providing instant value for potential clients and turning leads to customers with chatbots. So, what are the “several ways” through which chatbots work as an incredible SEO add-ons? Read this article to find out!

What are Chatbots?

These are tools that are powered by artificial intelligence to help the website or social media platform hold conversations with humans. Chatbots don’t need any supervision or control by human personnel. The software is designed to work around the clock, engaging customers and providing solutions to their simple problems. When you visit a website, the voice or chat option at the bottom-right trying to engage you with a chat is referred to as the chatbots.

How chatbot serves as useful SEO add-on

Below are the ways through which chatbots contribute to website ranking and conversation rate:

  • Increased engagement time

One of the key factors that contribute to page ranking is the amount spent on the page by guests. Sadly, research has shown that people’s attention time on a single website is decreasing. Hence, Google appreciates pages where guests spend more time. Thus, smart business groups are integrating chatbots as their digital marketing strategy. Since the chatbots offer immediate assistance to guests, they are able to keep the website’s visitors occupied and even direct them to take action. The idea is that these chatbots are humanized to give coherent and relevant responses and solutions to the targeted needs of the website’s guests. Currently, some companies even develop Bot that develops special designs or gives personalized information to specific customers. In this way, people spend more time on such pages. The resultant effect is a high ranking by Google.

  • Collate useful customer data

When potential customers engage the chatbot, it will ask them to log in and provide certain information. Such details often include their needs or expectations, preferences, problems, and personal details. From the pattern of engagement, behavior, preferences to the personal details supplied to a chatbot, all the data are useful for personalizing customer experience to make the website and the chatbot more engaging in the future.

For instance, an appealing landing page with a poor conversation rate is fixable through data collection. How? First off, you need to understand what you want to do. In this case, the objective is to drive more targeted traffic to your site and encourage them to provide their email address. Chatbots can help with proper sales conversation management around the clock. From the conversation, you can determine whether a lead is likely to end in sales by engaging them proactively. Also, the data collated can be used for developing better sales and marketing strategies. This will help revamp your SEO content, and ultimately, improve your conversion rate.

  • Improved trust

A well-humanized chatbot makes users feel like they are chatting with a real customer representative in real-time. As a matter of fact, Gartner claims that 63% of online users hold a conversation with a chatbot without being aware. This shows how much value chatbots provide to many users. This has even led many people to prefer engaging with chatbots more than other elements on the site. Due to useful and valuable information from the chatbots, people listen to their directions, especially when it comes to navigating through various pages. As long as chatbots continue to develop trust with guests, people will spend more time on the websites and provide useful information for optimizing the websites to rank better.


With chatbots getting better at engaging website guests and potential buyers annually, you can expect the software to become an integral part of SEO in the future if they are not already. By building trust, collating useful information, and encouraging your guests to spend more time on your pages through chatbots, your website stands a better chance at ranking higher than its competitions.

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