What about All the Customers You Miss When You Don’t Set up a Chatbot?

In some cases, brands lose a project for reasons such as late response or lack of personnel to provide instant answers to customer’s requests. Also, it may be challenging to see professional representatives work overnight to reply to customers from other countries who live in different time zone. Again, your business is losing customers because there is no one to respond to late-night messages. However, you don’t have to keep missing out on customers. All you need is chatbots.

Chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence to provide relevant answers or solutions to customers instantly. These are the quick chats that come up when you visit a website. In this way, businesses get to respond to customers, regardless of their request or time of the request. This helps prevent missing out on customers and, consequently, improve your lead conversion rates. 

So, how do you use chatbots to prevent missing out on customers? Find out below.

  • Humanize your chatbots

If you really want your chatbots to prevent missing out on potential buyers, it should go beyond “Hello, how can I help you?” Considering the vast number of competitions coming up every day, it’s crucial to stand out by knowing what is peculiar to your targeted customers and their possible expectations. For this reason, you need to add human-like factors to your chatbot. In other words, you are humanizing your chatbots.

Let your customers feel like they are chatting with a real person who knows the solutions to their challenges and shows concerns. Therefore, it is pertinent to use the stored data and information to learn how the pain points of your customers. This will help mimic human interaction and provide useful solutions during future engagements. Ultimately, the chatbots will be able to develop trust with your leads and even convert them to buyers while you are asleep.

  • Instant and stellar support

In this age, customers expect speedy services and solutions to their needs. Failure to provide answers to their questions means missing out on the customers. Luckily, chatbots are excellent software for providing instant responses in real-time. More importantly, they work 24/7. Hence, you don’t have to worry about a representative on sick leave or customers engaging your website overnight. Chatbots will not only provide quick support but help move your new customers through the sales funnel. Simply program your artificial intelligence to attend to customers day and night with relevant feedback, solutions, and information request. An additional advantage is that it reduces excessive traffic on your website and improves user experience.

  • Personalized recommendations

When your representatives fail to understand what your guests need, it will lead to missing customers. Ideally, various customers give different complaints, problems, and concerns. Yet, it is pertinent to handle everyone with care and show of concern. To attend to everyone and keep them engaged, you can program your chatbots to provide recommendations for specific questions, problems, or concerns. 

For instance, if finding the sales page or blog is a common concern from your guests, you can program your artificial intelligence to provide a direct link to the pages. Also, the chatbots can be programmed to provide product recommendations if customers often find it challenging to make up their minds about a suitable product for themselves. In this case, the chatbots simply have to ask them for their preferences and styles. From the data provided, the software can provide personalized, relevant recommendations that will help them proceed to make a purchase. Again, you won’t be missing out on a potential client.

  • Implement chatbot on CRM

Aside from missing out on customers, chatbots can also be used to drive more clients to your website. Simply program your chatbots to collect information from every user engaged. From there, the information should be sent to your preferred CRM. Now, get the people back to your site using a personalized email newsletter that promotes your latest product, service, or content. By so doing, your chatbot is not only preventing missing out on potential clients but also improve the chance of converting leads to customers through lead nurturing.


Starting to win over a high proportion of customers that engage your website or social media page by integrating chatbots into your system. Otherwise, you may realize that your competitions keep winning and ranking high on Google and search engines. It’s never too late to take the right step today. Integrate it and start converting leads!

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