How Landing Pages Can help you Generate Leads with Social Media Campaigns

From the email address, occupations, last search, business names to employer’s details, millions of people share pieces of information on social media platforms. In digital marketing parlance, these are referred to as leads that can be used to follow up your audience and attract them to your website. Currently, several businesses utilize social media platforms for their campaigns as they are cost-effective and useful for targeted marketing.

Besides, for many years, social media campaigns have always been part of digital marketing as it is useful for promoting content, including cold calling, targeted engagement, etc. Not every business knows that landing pages can come in handy in generating leads with social media campaigns. Read this enlightening article to learn how.

  • Offer freebies

Among the effective methods to collect leads using landing pages is by offering free stuff. A downloadable guide about an event or program can be written and offered freely on your landing page to valuable potential customers. Since it is free, the audience will be more willing to provide basic information to download the free material. Simply create the free content and upload it on your website. Now, you should provide a link on your social media platforms. With a single click, your audience on social media platforms can visit your landing page, view the content, and provide their correct information to download the freebie. The submitted leads can help nurture your email marketing and social media campaigns to target customers. Only a few other digital marketing methods for generating new leads are as successful as this strategy.

  • Create clickable content

Failure to create compelling content for your landing page will only render the page useless. Despite the millions of audiences on social media, every business and individual is competing for attention. With users’ attention span reducing, it is pertinent to offer highly engaging content that hooks customers at first glance. An engaging content that will convert needs to have a clear link and tempting call-to-action (CAT). In this way, engaging customers from your social media campaigns can take immediate action once they reach your landing page.

  • User-friendly pages

As suggested earlier, users are spending lesser times on pages. Thus, a slow or unresponsive landing page will only make your business lose leads from your social media campaigns. And more importantly, when people see your posts next time on social media, they will feel reluctant to click on your links due to the first unexciting experience.

Therefore, having user-friendly landing pages is non-negotiable. Also, the pages should be relevant. If you have promised to offer a particular service or show a product through a link on your social media platform, ensure that you come good with your words. Additionally, a user-friendly landing page will be seamlessly visual, easily scannable, and provide a clear path for further actions. If your landing page offers a form to fill to collect leads, ensure that you keep it simple.

  • Utilize contact information

A contact information form should be as apparent as possible on your landing pages if you want to generate leads. 

Contact information form entails a space for your guests to provide their phone number, address, email address, phone number, among others. If you want your landing page to move potential customers through the sales funnel, include a dedicated salesperson. While this may appear passive, it works for those who want customers to reach them directly. When you contact your representatives through the links or call, you would have known that they want to ask about a product, service, or company. Such leads usually land in sales as they are the ones showing interest. Additionally, Google can easily recognize the provided contact information. Hence, if a potential customer couldn’t remember your website address and decide to search with a name or number, Google will provide them with the correct link.

  • Add links for hangouts, webinars, or live videos

Some customers tend to develop confidence and trust in a company when they can speak with a representative live. In this case, you can add the link to the live videos or hangouts on your landing page. However, simply prompt the audience coming from your social media campaigns to provide their information (leads) to access the links on your landing page. Many businesses conduct webinars on a particular topic to generate leads by providing zoom links on their websites – while the audience is promoted to undergo an advanced registration. This is another means to use your landing pages to generate leads through a social media campaign.


If you want to improve the performance of your social media campaign, it’s about time to leverage your landing page. Depending on your business or products, you can utilize any of the methods discussed herein. Keep winning!


What about All the Customers You Miss When You Don’t Set up a Chatbot?

In some cases, brands lose a project for reasons such as late response or lack of personnel to provide instant answers to customer’s requests. Also, it may be challenging to see professional representatives work overnight to reply to customers from other countries who live in different time zone. Again, your business is losing customers because there is no one to respond to late-night messages. However, you don’t have to keep missing out on customers. All you need is chatbots.

Chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence to provide relevant answers or solutions to customers instantly. These are the quick chats that come up when you visit a website. In this way, businesses get to respond to customers, regardless of their request or time of the request. This helps prevent missing out on customers and, consequently, improve your lead conversion rates. 

So, how do you use chatbots to prevent missing out on customers? Find out below.

  • Humanize your chatbots

If you really want your chatbots to prevent missing out on potential buyers, it should go beyond “Hello, how can I help you?” Considering the vast number of competitions coming up every day, it’s crucial to stand out by knowing what is peculiar to your targeted customers and their possible expectations. For this reason, you need to add human-like factors to your chatbot. In other words, you are humanizing your chatbots.

Let your customers feel like they are chatting with a real person who knows the solutions to their challenges and shows concerns. Therefore, it is pertinent to use the stored data and information to learn how the pain points of your customers. This will help mimic human interaction and provide useful solutions during future engagements. Ultimately, the chatbots will be able to develop trust with your leads and even convert them to buyers while you are asleep.

  • Instant and stellar support

In this age, customers expect speedy services and solutions to their needs. Failure to provide answers to their questions means missing out on the customers. Luckily, chatbots are excellent software for providing instant responses in real-time. More importantly, they work 24/7. Hence, you don’t have to worry about a representative on sick leave or customers engaging your website overnight. Chatbots will not only provide quick support but help move your new customers through the sales funnel. Simply program your artificial intelligence to attend to customers day and night with relevant feedback, solutions, and information request. An additional advantage is that it reduces excessive traffic on your website and improves user experience.

  • Personalized recommendations

When your representatives fail to understand what your guests need, it will lead to missing customers. Ideally, various customers give different complaints, problems, and concerns. Yet, it is pertinent to handle everyone with care and show of concern. To attend to everyone and keep them engaged, you can program your chatbots to provide recommendations for specific questions, problems, or concerns. 

For instance, if finding the sales page or blog is a common concern from your guests, you can program your artificial intelligence to provide a direct link to the pages. Also, the chatbots can be programmed to provide product recommendations if customers often find it challenging to make up their minds about a suitable product for themselves. In this case, the chatbots simply have to ask them for their preferences and styles. From the data provided, the software can provide personalized, relevant recommendations that will help them proceed to make a purchase. Again, you won’t be missing out on a potential client.

  • Implement chatbot on CRM

Aside from missing out on customers, chatbots can also be used to drive more clients to your website. Simply program your chatbots to collect information from every user engaged. From there, the information should be sent to your preferred CRM. Now, get the people back to your site using a personalized email newsletter that promotes your latest product, service, or content. By so doing, your chatbot is not only preventing missing out on potential clients but also improve the chance of converting leads to customers through lead nurturing.


Starting to win over a high proportion of customers that engage your website or social media page by integrating chatbots into your system. Otherwise, you may realize that your competitions keep winning and ranking high on Google and search engines. It’s never too late to take the right step today. Integrate it and start converting leads!


Why chatbots are Amazing SEO Add-on?

The AI-powered software, chatbots, has become a valuable piece since it gained further popularity among business owners in 2018. Many businesses are using intuitive software to simulate real-life engagement with customers to provide instant support. By collecting customer data, businesses are learning the behavior pattern, preferences, expectations, and language. Thus, it becomes possible to humanize the chatbots to hold a beneficial interaction with a human being. 

In several ways, this development has contributed to the search engine optimization of various business groups. By so doing, tech-oriented businesses are providing instant value for potential clients and turning leads to customers with chatbots. So, what are the “several ways” through which chatbots work as an incredible SEO add-ons? Read this article to find out!

What are Chatbots?

These are tools that are powered by artificial intelligence to help the website or social media platform hold conversations with humans. Chatbots don’t need any supervision or control by human personnel. The software is designed to work around the clock, engaging customers and providing solutions to their simple problems. When you visit a website, the voice or chat option at the bottom-right trying to engage you with a chat is referred to as the chatbots.

How chatbot serves as useful SEO add-on

Below are the ways through which chatbots contribute to website ranking and conversation rate:

  • Increased engagement time

One of the key factors that contribute to page ranking is the amount spent on the page by guests. Sadly, research has shown that people’s attention time on a single website is decreasing. Hence, Google appreciates pages where guests spend more time. Thus, smart business groups are integrating chatbots as their digital marketing strategy. Since the chatbots offer immediate assistance to guests, they are able to keep the website’s visitors occupied and even direct them to take action. The idea is that these chatbots are humanized to give coherent and relevant responses and solutions to the targeted needs of the website’s guests. Currently, some companies even develop Bot that develops special designs or gives personalized information to specific customers. In this way, people spend more time on such pages. The resultant effect is a high ranking by Google.

  • Collate useful customer data

When potential customers engage the chatbot, it will ask them to log in and provide certain information. Such details often include their needs or expectations, preferences, problems, and personal details. From the pattern of engagement, behavior, preferences to the personal details supplied to a chatbot, all the data are useful for personalizing customer experience to make the website and the chatbot more engaging in the future.

For instance, an appealing landing page with a poor conversation rate is fixable through data collection. How? First off, you need to understand what you want to do. In this case, the objective is to drive more targeted traffic to your site and encourage them to provide their email address. Chatbots can help with proper sales conversation management around the clock. From the conversation, you can determine whether a lead is likely to end in sales by engaging them proactively. Also, the data collated can be used for developing better sales and marketing strategies. This will help revamp your SEO content, and ultimately, improve your conversion rate.

  • Improved trust

A well-humanized chatbot makes users feel like they are chatting with a real customer representative in real-time. As a matter of fact, Gartner claims that 63% of online users hold a conversation with a chatbot without being aware. This shows how much value chatbots provide to many users. This has even led many people to prefer engaging with chatbots more than other elements on the site. Due to useful and valuable information from the chatbots, people listen to their directions, especially when it comes to navigating through various pages. As long as chatbots continue to develop trust with guests, people will spend more time on the websites and provide useful information for optimizing the websites to rank better.


With chatbots getting better at engaging website guests and potential buyers annually, you can expect the software to become an integral part of SEO in the future if they are not already. By building trust, collating useful information, and encouraging your guests to spend more time on your pages through chatbots, your website stands a better chance at ranking higher than its competitions.


Statistics and Important Facts on Chatbots for Website and Facebook Messenger

With many more companies and organizations using chatbots in the last few decades, several statistics and important facts are coming up. These figures don’t only reflect how chatbots are helping businesses increase performance in marketing but also in sales. 

More importantly, many businesses use the facts and figures to develop an insight into whether chatbots can add to the growth of their businesses. If you fall into this group and would like to know the impacts of chatbots on the website and social media platforms, read this article.

Facts and figures about chatbots

Chatbots usage

Since the introduction of chatbots in the modern age, millennials are found to be the most users of chatbots. Currently, several top companies, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, have already incorporated smart digital assistants into their customer support strategy. Below are the associated facts and figures:

  • According to Gartner, chatbots reduce 70% calls, email, and chat inquiries in organizations.
  • Business Insider states that top business groups such as LinkedIn, British Airways, eBay, and Starbucks declares their individual use of chatbots in 2020.
  • Forbes reports that 60% of millennials confirm their use of chatbots, while 70% among them had a positive experience.
  • Accenture reports show that 57% of executives claim that chatbots generate significant ROI, despite using minimal effort.

Social media and messaging apps

From communication, time of engagement, a period of interaction to the frequency of contact, social media led to several changes. Now, almost everyone discusses with friends and family members frequently. This new communication style means people reach out to businesses more often than before, which leads to customer engagement problems. However, chatbots brought solutions through faster, apt, and helpful engagement throughout the day. Below are the associated facts and figures;

  • HubSpot notes that 55% of clients want to interact with enterprises through messaging apps to find solutions.
  • Venture Beat reports 300,000 chatbots on Messenger.
  • App Annie states that people spend 10 out of every 11 minutes using their mobile devices on mobile apps.
  • According to HubSpot, 5 billion people use messaging apps monthly.

Consumer preferences

From research, customers prefer chatbots as they want answers to their questions instantly. Below are facts and figures that support such a claim:

  • According to Adweek, 65% of clients are comfortable seeing an issue resolved without a human handler.
  • HubSpot reports that 40% of buyers are not concerned about whether chatbots or human agent attends to them, so far they get their needed support.
  • PSFK notes that 74% of users prefer chatbots when trying to get answers to simple questions.
  • Salesforce states that 69% of consumers love chatbots as they provide quick solutions to simple questions.

AI predictions and Chatbots

Although many companies are still learning the most effective ways to utilize chatbots, the number of organizations using the virtual assistant tool is increasing. This is understandable with the following facts and figures:

  • Business Insider projects that chatbots will help the banking, retail, and healthcare industry save close to $11 billion per year by 2023.
  • Gartner reports that more than 50% of enterprise companies are likely to utilize more funds for chatbots development than mobile app developments by 2021.
  • Grand View Research notes that the chatbots market will surpass $1.2 billion worldwide by 2025.
  • Business insider claims that it is possible to automate 73% of healthcare admin tasks with artificial intelligence.

Customer service

Considering the current statistics of about two billion digital buyers globally, businesses are going to need additional support in the future. Again, chatbots are considered as a viable solution with the following facts and figures:

  • LiveChat states that 4 minutes and 17 seconds is the average queue waiting time in 2019. The time can be reduced by chatbots to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • eMarketer confirms that 67% of buyers have used texting, live chat, or social media to engage customer service.
  • IBM notes that chatbots could help cut down the $1.3 trillion that businesses spend in addressing customer requests annually by 30%.
  • Salesforce claims that 64% of customer support agents using AI chatbots manage to spend a significant period of their time resolving difficult cases.


From customer communication, social media engagement, AI predictions to consumer preferences, it is apparent that chatbots represent a major part of digital business. As long as your business has an online presence and you would like to convert your traffics to customers, chatbots are reliable customer relation companion.


How a Business Owner Can Use a QR Code on their Flyers, Business cards and Even in SMS Messaging

With unending competitions coming up daily, every marketing team is looking for smarter ways to win over a targeted audience. Among the novel marketing method that has come up in recent times is Quick response code, otherwise known as QR code. Hardly will you find a more popular scannable barcode than the QR code. 

Currently, many businesses are imprinting funny-looking codes on almost anything that represents the company. QR code statistics show increasing use of the code on places and forms, including flyers, business cards, SMS messages, and even billboards. 

Using the QR code is as straightforward as you can get. All your potential clients need to do is to use their smartphone camera app to scan the code. Instantly, the phone will do exactly what the code entails. For instance, a QR code can lead to a business homepage, sales page, Twitter account, or even perform an instant sale, such as booking a flight or making a reservation.

If you would like to introduce the use of QR code into your business marketing approach, three areas to harness include flyers, business cards, and SMS messaging. Let’s share more information on how to use it effectively.

How to use QR codes on Flyers, Business Cards, and SMS Messaging

Primarily, businesses put QR codes on flyers for customer engagement. Below are specific ways QR codes can benefit an eCommerce:

  • Connect with customers: Aside from being a smart marketing approach, using QR code serves as a seamless method for customers to connect with your business. With only a few clicks, a potential buyer can enter your sales page and make an order.
  • Offer a promotional discount: If you run a new business and would like to offer a discount for a specific period, using a coupon QR code comes in handy. By putting codes on a flyer, anyone can easily learn about the discount’s details and choose to utilize it. Also, sending the flyer to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can bring more followers and potential clients to your business.
  • Sharing business details with ease: A QR code is a smart way to provide business details to potential clients on a flyer or brochure. For instance, the QR codes can contain a link to your profile, including a website link, email address, and phone number. Also, you can add your business opening hours, available products, and services on offer.
  • Improve the possibility of follow-ups: Given that codes on cards are an efficient and quick way to copy email addresses or visit websites, it increases the chances of getting leads and conversions. All you need is to ensure that QR codes are apparent enough on the cards. Also, the business cards should be shared with a targeted audience.
  • Monitor leads and return-on-investment: Printed media or marketing approach is always difficult to track. On the contrary, visitors and clients that visit your website pages or purchases goods via the QR codes on your business cards can be tracked. In this way, the marketing team can comfortably assess the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.
  • Prompt your prospects to take action: An easy and quick call-to-action (CAT) is always a reliable method to drive convert leads. As a smart business group, you can embed “Contact Me,” “Buy now,” or “Learn More” in your QR codes. As long as your business card is well-designed to show the prospects what to do, the QR codes will handle the rest.
  • Payment:  Popular brands in China such as WeChat and AliPay are already using QR codes for payments. In the same way, you can make payment transactions flawless for your clients by placing QR codes for payments on your flyers or SMS messaging. With just a single click, prospects can purchase your eBook, download your music, or signup for your service.


With technological advancement, it is apparent that customers are looking for a business that offers smart solutions. Using QR codes on the flyer, SMS messaging, brochure, or business cards do not only helps attract an audience quickly but saves people from the stress of spending hours online while searching for a suitable product. All you need is to add short, engaging content to your SMS, flyer, or business card. Within a short time, prospects will take action by swiping their camera on your barcodes. 


Using a Google Virtual Tour and Panoramic Pictures for Marketing as a Business Owner

Every smart business owner doesn’t only care about digital presence but high visibility that converts. To help businesses get across to their target audience seamlessly, Google came up with impressive business marketing tactics. Notable among them is the Google virtual tour and 360 Photography. With the widely-renowned marketing tool, businesses can simulate their locations using a sequence of panoramic images assembled together using special software.

 A combination of the images with sound effects and floor plans would even make the presentation better. In this way, a realistic display of the business can be presented to potential customers around the clock automatically on Google. This saves businesses from alternative field marketing that takes time, logistics, and expenses. To learn more about using Google virtual tour and panoramic pictures to help your business’s growth, read this article to the end!

  • Present your business personality

Google virtual tour is renowned for providing excellent brand representation. When a potential buyer makes a direct search for your product and services, a virtual tour will show off your business as one of the possible options. With a single click, a prospective client can learn about what your business is about and what you can offer them. From business products, awards in your office, the vehicles in your company’s garage to your work factory, a Google virtual tour will give your clients a great idea about your company. Once your brand’s personality resonates with the buyer, there is a high chance of visiting your website and making contact.

  • Improve brand’s transparency and trust

Presenting business using panoramic pictures and Google virtual tour doesn’t only show your business personality but transparency. It reflects your openness and honesty. Clients are usually more driven to approach a business group that has nothing to hide. This is particularly true for event planners and space businesses. By providing a complete 360-degree tour of your event location, the customers will have a good glimpse of what space can offer them and whether it is a befitting location for them. In other words, potential clients will know exactly what they are buying through your Google virtual tour. In this way, a solid trust will start booming between your business and clients right from the onset.

  • Give to get attention

Currently, the internet is largely used by the millennial and Generation Z. The two generations find most products through search engines and social media. Interestingly, research has shown that an average member of Generation Z doesn’t spend more than eight seconds while checking out a product or service. The short attention span is enough to win over a potential client if you can use the right content and marketing tactic. More importantly, marketing content must be engaging, enlightening, and accessible. In this regard, Google virtual tour appears to be one of the most effective approaches. This is because it provides a visual, engaging representation of what they want. By giving them exactly what they want to see, read or touch, you have their attention already.

  • Communicate your development to prospects

Aside from the panoramic pictures, Google virtual tour enables 3D virtual tour upload. From your new model, improved website, enhanced product delivery to the erection of your new headquarter, you can sell your development story to prospects. Businesses in real estate will particularly benefit from such a strategy. Anyone would naturally want to collaborate with a growing business as people want to experience the latest technology, product, or services.

  • Get online visibility on the high side

A virtual tour with panoramic photos on Google My Business listings is more than enough to rank your business higher than your local rivals. By ranking your business to the top of the front Google page, you can be confident of getting endless conversions as your website enjoys high visibility. The primary reason is that most users spend more time on Google listing as they surf through 360 images of businesses recommended by people. Besides, Google tells the targeted audience that people are interested in your business, and consequently, helps generate high traffic.


From telling the truth about your business personality to converting your traffic to sales, Google virtual tour and panoramic photos serve as a 24/7 marketer and sales rep for your business. All you need is to contact a professional that can get multiple quality shots of your business and set up your Google virtual tour. 


5 Key Areas to Regularly Update on Your Website

A functional website differs from a performing website. A website might contain nice designs and great content; however, is it generating traffics and high conversation rates? It is one thing for a website to look good; it is another thing to be productive. If you want your website to support your business and improve your sales, then you should update your website routinely in the following key aspects:

  1. Bad responsiveness (Mobile-friendly)

Here is arguably the most crucial aspect of every website. It is pointless to spend hundreds of dollars on marketing if your website is not responsive. A site needs to be mobile-friendly as 17% of every web traffic comes from mobile devices. Besides, the search engine gives higher priority to mobile-friendliness of content. Hence, having a responsive website on the mobile phone is non-negotiable. Most customers approach businesses, companies, and conduct research through their phones. When your website gives users problems while navigating through the pages on their smartphones, they are likely to visit your competitions. Advisably, you should always assess your website from mobile phones and see whether it is highly responsive.

  1. Poorly arranged or malfunctioning features

Many website owners use plug-ins and modules designed by a third-party. If you fall into this category, routine feature management is necessary. It is important to check the features such as cart widgets, pop up widgets, contact forms, and quizzes, among others. Functional features are crucial to have a well-optimized website. Furthermore, it is highly recommendable to put yourself in the position of guests and see whether the arrangement of features is convenient. A clumsy website is never a good idea. Once potential clients start having difficulties surfing your page, it will reduce your traffic and lead generation. Consequently, conversation rates will be affected.

  1. Outdated website design

A trendy website design in 2015 is less likely to attract guests in 2020. People are getting more creative daily, and the best designs will always attract more clients. This is because website designs usually give the first impressions to visitors. Even people who are not a website developer or designer can easily recognize an outdated or poor design. Besides, bear in mind that the website reflects your business personality. So, you’ll be doing your business more harm than good by keeping a poor website design. If your website design has been existing for at least three years, endeavor to change it, most especially if you are a small-scale business owner.

  1. Slow speed

Here is one of the most common sources of frustration for most users. No one wants to waste time waiting for a website when there are similar other brands online. For this reason, the website’s speed is a crucial attribute that must always be assessed and improved. Sometimes, content such as built theme, poor plug-ins, improper caching, incorrectly sized images, or misconfigured server resources can slow down your website performance. If you notice that your website is loading slower than before, endeavor to reach out to your website developer for assessment and upgrade.

  1. Poor website content and messaging

A relevant, up-to-date, and thoughtful content is always an effective effort to gain high search engine visibility. Considering the continual search engine algorithm changes, meaningful and beneficial content that showcase your brand accurately is pertinent. Ensure that you update your website with an engaging web copy that will keep your audience coming. Otherwise, poor website content and messaging will only send them away, which is bad for business.

Final note

By assessing your website, you’ll be able to notice any faults in the key areas explained herein. Once you recognize such lapses, endeavor to fix up as soon as possible. This will help keep your website on the first page and, consequently, maintain regular high conversation rates


Website Upgrade: 5 Top Reasons to Assess and Improve your online site

The fact that every individual and business is going digital is no longer a secret. So, unsurprisingly, the competition is getting more challenging than ever. However, many digital experts and analysts who understand the game know that a routine website upgrade is key. As a smart website owner who wants his or her webpage to remain among the highest-ranking website online, then you should upgrade your site for the following vital reasons:

  1. Solid first impressions

The first impression lasts longer, they say. This statement applies to online appearance too. The first visuals and written content that guests see on your website page matter a lot. Okay, you made an incredible design and posted a few relevant content years back on your page. However, an important thing to know that people change, and so does styles too. The trending structures and designs back then might no longer be attractive in recent times. For this reason, you need to update your website to a cleaner and trendier look. Otherwise, people would leave your page at first glance.

2. Improved search engine optimization

While it is true that the concept of SEO remains the same, the elements involved change. In other words, the technical aspects of SEO changes with time. For instance, people use voice searches online now more than ever. Hence, they are asking questions – and not a few key phrases. You might start missing out on more audience than you know by failing to update relevant keywords into relevant questions on your page. Aside from length, specific words might have changed as well. If you don’t assess and re-optimize your web page, a more up-to-date site will win the quest for higher clients and further reach. Even if the SEO elements are still the same, it is highly recommended to update your content. Serving new content to clients will keep your web page updated and encourage readers to come back for more.

3. Changes in business

Arguably, this is the most common reason for updating a website – and rightly so. It’s essential to change your web page and content if you are switching business. However, several people often forget to update their page when making minor changes such as a withdrawn product or improved service. Such little changes may affect your relationship with customers. Hence, it is not only a complete overhaul of the website that must be taken seriously; a routine update or change to the product should be non-negotiable.

4. Mobile-first Indexing

Predominantly, Google prefers to utilize the mobile version of content regarding indexing and ranking. This is understandable, considering most people engage in Google searches through their mobile devices. Thus, the Googlebot focuses on crawling and indexing pages on mobile devices. For this reason, a website owner must have mobile-friendly webpages. By so doing, Google is more likely to index and rank the page than websites that are not mobile-friendly.

5. Update a website server

Here is a less time-taking update but a necessary one. Browsers and search engines prefer secure URLs (HTTPS ://). If your website starts with HTTP://, many browsers will advise potential guests to be mindful of your website. Thus, such users might be discouraged from visiting your webpage. Even if your website ranks as first on Google search, the website on the second position, but secured, might get more traffic and as a result, more sales than you do – not to mention that the website will even rank better because search engine prefers to recommend a safer site to users. Such a change might require moving to a secure server, and you might need to update links that connect your webpage and social media profiles.


Website assessment and upgrading is a gratifying effort. It will help sustain high traffic to your website by increasing your reach. Along the line, an updated website experiences better conversation rates and revenue. The overall value is a well-maintained brand trust and transparency between you and your clients.


4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Aerial Photoshoot

Modernization comes with several exciting structures and designs. With every structure’s uniqueness, smart entrepreneurs, analysts, agents, and investors see a great opportunity to get people’s attention and enjoy great sales. Excitingly, aerial photography provides the most effective and efficient way to capture an asset’s external detail.

For this reason, aerial photoshoot is a well-known marketing effort that helps place business in the online world. Fortunately, the invention of drones has made aerial photoshoot easier than before. Before recent times, people would use expensive aircraft, spacecraft, or rocket for aero-photography. This takes time and much effort. But with drones, every business owner can have a good series of videos and photos to showcase their property from a bird’s eye view.

Aerial photography can provide an aerial view of a place or property in two forms: Direct vertical and oblique horizontal. While the former shows a linear representation of properties, the latter gives pictorial, descriptive images of your assets. In other words, vertical images are taken from above a property. On the contrary, horizontal images are shot from the side. However, both photos come in handy in showing your properties to the world, especially potential buyers. For those who would like to know whether aerial photoshoot can help their business growth, endeavor to read this article. Enjoy reading!

  • Cost-effective

Compared to using aircraft or cranes to capture your property from above, a single, small drone will provide a unique video and series of images in a few minutes. Thus, you’ll spend less time and save more by using drones for your aerial photoshoot.

  • Convenience

For construction companies, hotels, resorts, and real estate as a whole, getting an expansive aerial view of properties is an excellent idea for a business. Having a bird’s eye view helps potential clients to zoom in at various angles and levels. By so doing, they will have an excellent detail about the property. This will reduce the time necessary to discuss a possible deal for the property. When the aerial photography shows the exterior is combined with land-based photography that reveals the exterior, you might not need much talk before sealing deals or attracting consumers to your business location.

  • Improved safety

Unlike in the past when contractors and engineers had to view construction projects by taking cranes and aircraft, aerial photography using drones has made work more comfortable and safer. Contractors can now assess hazards and safety measures for a specific project by taking aerial images. Also, investors can assess a project’s progress by checking through the aerial photos of the on-going work.

  • Enhanced online presence

Aerial photography helps businesses improve their presence online by getting the attention of more buyers. Admittedly, most people are already familiar with the regular direct, land-based pictures of properties. However, aerial photography does not only give prospects more information about your assets but also get their attention easily. This is because most people often get attracted to pictures taken from the sky. Hence, you are more likely to experience higher engagement, expanded reach, and better online visibility.


Aerial photography comes in handy for those who sell landed properties. With a professional aerial photoshoot, business owners can give an impressive perspective about their assets to potential buyers. Also, aerial photography helps tourists who want to have a close look or aerial view of their destinations. Undoubtedly, aerial photoshoot improves business dynamics.


Animation Video: A Secret Weapon to Beat Your Competition

Today, online marketing has become, arguably, the smartest and easiest means to win customers over to your brand. Regardless of your products and services, the eCommerce platform will always get the relevant audience’s attention to your business. However, this opportunity applies to your competitions as well. For this reason, you need something extra to have an edge over your business rivals.
In recent years, animation video has been a highly impactful marketing tool to stay ahead of the competition. Generally, an animation video is about developing a visual representation of your product or service, highlighting the key points, and selling your ideas to millions of viewers globally. Animation videos are simple to create, engaging, and cost-effective. To learn more about why you need an animation video for your brand, read on.

  • Animate your ideas

Perhaps you are a small scale entrepreneur with incredible ideas; animation video is a useful tool to bring your ideas to life. The tool will help tell your story as you want. If you want to grab people’s attention by telling them how a product or service changed your life positively or help others, an animation video will come in handy in displaying unique visuals and explaining the points incredibly. Regardless of your idea, an animation video will help get your message across in the most influential way.

  • Efficient content delivery

It is no gainsaying that some brand’s values and benefits are more difficult to market than others. For people whose business’s products and services are less obvious, you should consider using animated videos for your online marketing. By highlighting your business models, values, and benefits in an animation video using incredible visuals, you can save yourself from answering the same questions from different prospects. Simply get a professional animation video creator to present the details in a neat and attractive content form. You might even add FAQ generated from existing customers. In this way, you can enlighten prospects and increase your engagement rates.

  • Expand your reach

The animation video is a sure-fire way to reach out to millions of viewers at the same time. Once you can develop an engaging video that clearly expresses your points, all you need is to upload it on widely-used social media platforms. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are globally recognized sites to market your products and services using animation videos. Within a few minutes, a word about your unique brand will spread in the most rewarding manner.

  • Improve conversation rates

By using animation videos to expand your reach and increase your traffic, it will also inspire many to purchase your product. As more people visit your business page, your conversion rate is also more likely to increase. Findings have shown that using animated video on the landing page helps improve the conversation rate by 80% – you don’t want your business to miss such an incredible opportunity.

  • Cost-effective

You’ll agree that creating a live-action video for business can be time-consuming, strenuous, and expensive. Before you can develop an awesome video, you’ll need to cover the cost for casts, equipment, outdoor shooting, production time, among others. However, you can save yourself a lot of time and money by having an explainer video using software and creative input. Alternatively, you can hire professional business video developers to have a high-quality 2D animation video for your brand. Within a few hours or days, engaging animation videos will be developed to put your products and services right before your target clients.

  • Advantageous SEO

Arguably, this is the most significant benefit of using animated video content. Google easily tracks and publicizes animation videos. Hence, it helps improve business search engine optimization and, as a result, increase your business ranking on Google search. The resultant effect is that your brand will become more visible and accessible to prospects.

Final Note

The animation video is surely a little-known secret to beat competitions when designed and implemented properly. Making an animated video is inexpensive, quick, and highly rewarding. Thus, you have nothing to lose by arming your business marketing effort with the perfect tool.