How a Business Owner Can Use a QR Code on their Flyers, Business cards and Even in SMS Messaging

With unending competitions coming up daily, every marketing team is looking for smarter ways to win over a targeted audience. Among the novel marketing method that has come up in recent times is Quick response code, otherwise known as QR code. Hardly will you find a more popular scannable barcode than the QR code. 

Currently, many businesses are imprinting funny-looking codes on almost anything that represents the company. QR code statistics show increasing use of the code on places and forms, including flyers, business cards, SMS messages, and even billboards. 

Using the QR code is as straightforward as you can get. All your potential clients need to do is to use their smartphone camera app to scan the code. Instantly, the phone will do exactly what the code entails. For instance, a QR code can lead to a business homepage, sales page, Twitter account, or even perform an instant sale, such as booking a flight or making a reservation.

If you would like to introduce the use of QR code into your business marketing approach, three areas to harness include flyers, business cards, and SMS messaging. Let’s share more information on how to use it effectively.

How to use QR codes on Flyers, Business Cards, and SMS Messaging

Primarily, businesses put QR codes on flyers for customer engagement. Below are specific ways QR codes can benefit an eCommerce:

  • Connect with customers: Aside from being a smart marketing approach, using QR code serves as a seamless method for customers to connect with your business. With only a few clicks, a potential buyer can enter your sales page and make an order.
  • Offer a promotional discount: If you run a new business and would like to offer a discount for a specific period, using a coupon QR code comes in handy. By putting codes on a flyer, anyone can easily learn about the discount’s details and choose to utilize it. Also, sending the flyer to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can bring more followers and potential clients to your business.
  • Sharing business details with ease: A QR code is a smart way to provide business details to potential clients on a flyer or brochure. For instance, the QR codes can contain a link to your profile, including a website link, email address, and phone number. Also, you can add your business opening hours, available products, and services on offer.
  • Improve the possibility of follow-ups: Given that codes on cards are an efficient and quick way to copy email addresses or visit websites, it increases the chances of getting leads and conversions. All you need is to ensure that QR codes are apparent enough on the cards. Also, the business cards should be shared with a targeted audience.
  • Monitor leads and return-on-investment: Printed media or marketing approach is always difficult to track. On the contrary, visitors and clients that visit your website pages or purchases goods via the QR codes on your business cards can be tracked. In this way, the marketing team can comfortably assess the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.
  • Prompt your prospects to take action: An easy and quick call-to-action (CAT) is always a reliable method to drive convert leads. As a smart business group, you can embed “Contact Me,” “Buy now,” or “Learn More” in your QR codes. As long as your business card is well-designed to show the prospects what to do, the QR codes will handle the rest.
  • Payment:  Popular brands in China such as WeChat and AliPay are already using QR codes for payments. In the same way, you can make payment transactions flawless for your clients by placing QR codes for payments on your flyers or SMS messaging. With just a single click, prospects can purchase your eBook, download your music, or signup for your service.


With technological advancement, it is apparent that customers are looking for a business that offers smart solutions. Using QR codes on the flyer, SMS messaging, brochure, or business cards do not only helps attract an audience quickly but saves people from the stress of spending hours online while searching for a suitable product. All you need is to add short, engaging content to your SMS, flyer, or business card. Within a short time, prospects will take action by swiping their camera on your barcodes. 

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