Using a Google Virtual Tour and Panoramic Pictures for Marketing as a Business Owner

Every smart business owner doesn’t only care about digital presence but high visibility that converts. To help businesses get across to their target audience seamlessly, Google came up with impressive business marketing tactics. Notable among them is the Google virtual tour and 360 Photography. With the widely-renowned marketing tool, businesses can simulate their locations using a sequence of panoramic images assembled together using special software.

 A combination of the images with sound effects and floor plans would even make the presentation better. In this way, a realistic display of the business can be presented to potential customers around the clock automatically on Google. This saves businesses from alternative field marketing that takes time, logistics, and expenses. To learn more about using Google virtual tour and panoramic pictures to help your business’s growth, read this article to the end!

  • Present your business personality

Google virtual tour is renowned for providing excellent brand representation. When a potential buyer makes a direct search for your product and services, a virtual tour will show off your business as one of the possible options. With a single click, a prospective client can learn about what your business is about and what you can offer them. From business products, awards in your office, the vehicles in your company’s garage to your work factory, a Google virtual tour will give your clients a great idea about your company. Once your brand’s personality resonates with the buyer, there is a high chance of visiting your website and making contact.

  • Improve brand’s transparency and trust

Presenting business using panoramic pictures and Google virtual tour doesn’t only show your business personality but transparency. It reflects your openness and honesty. Clients are usually more driven to approach a business group that has nothing to hide. This is particularly true for event planners and space businesses. By providing a complete 360-degree tour of your event location, the customers will have a good glimpse of what space can offer them and whether it is a befitting location for them. In other words, potential clients will know exactly what they are buying through your Google virtual tour. In this way, a solid trust will start booming between your business and clients right from the onset.

  • Give to get attention

Currently, the internet is largely used by the millennial and Generation Z. The two generations find most products through search engines and social media. Interestingly, research has shown that an average member of Generation Z doesn’t spend more than eight seconds while checking out a product or service. The short attention span is enough to win over a potential client if you can use the right content and marketing tactic. More importantly, marketing content must be engaging, enlightening, and accessible. In this regard, Google virtual tour appears to be one of the most effective approaches. This is because it provides a visual, engaging representation of what they want. By giving them exactly what they want to see, read or touch, you have their attention already.

  • Communicate your development to prospects

Aside from the panoramic pictures, Google virtual tour enables 3D virtual tour upload. From your new model, improved website, enhanced product delivery to the erection of your new headquarter, you can sell your development story to prospects. Businesses in real estate will particularly benefit from such a strategy. Anyone would naturally want to collaborate with a growing business as people want to experience the latest technology, product, or services.

  • Get online visibility on the high side

A virtual tour with panoramic photos on Google My Business listings is more than enough to rank your business higher than your local rivals. By ranking your business to the top of the front Google page, you can be confident of getting endless conversions as your website enjoys high visibility. The primary reason is that most users spend more time on Google listing as they surf through 360 images of businesses recommended by people. Besides, Google tells the targeted audience that people are interested in your business, and consequently, helps generate high traffic.


From telling the truth about your business personality to converting your traffic to sales, Google virtual tour and panoramic photos serve as a 24/7 marketer and sales rep for your business. All you need is to contact a professional that can get multiple quality shots of your business and set up your Google virtual tour. 

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